South Florida, USA

Feminine Personal Hygiene Product

The T-Pee

Feel at ease when you enter a public restroom knowing you have the T-Pee, a urine funnel for women. This lightweight, disposable, and portable device makes urinating restrooms convenient, sanitary, and easy.

About the T-Pee

Hi!  I'm Lisa, the creator of the T-Pee - a soft, flexible, disposable, urine funnel designed especially for women. The T-Pee is made of a soft plastic that can be folded to fit in any purse or pocket.  However, the T-Pee is NOT flushable. It may disposed of in a trash bin.  

Public restrooms can be pretty nasty!  Why wipe someone elses urine from the toilet seat before sitting/squatting?  With the T-Pee, you'll have no more worries. I believe that using public restrooms should be convenient for every female and not a scary experience.  Women of ALL ages rejoice!  The T-Pee is here! 

Not only is the T-Pee perfect for individual use, but it is also ideal for hospitals and medical facilities. Patients unable to use the restroom or have medical conditions, can use the T-Pee.  The T-Pee is also great for urine tests required for lab work.  Children, arthritic patients, the elderly, and pregnant women can all benefit from the T-Pee.

No More Squatting

The T-Pee is one of the most innovative, female, personal hygiene products on the market today. With the T-Pee, there is no more squatting ladies!  

Easy to Use

This unique device allows women to urinate while standing, (see above image).   With back to toilet, gently place the T-Pee under your genital area - being sure to cover the urinary opening. Empty your bladder normally without all the mess and splatter!

Perfect for Everywhere

Use the T-Pee at:

• Schools
• Hospitals
• Movie Theaters
• Restaurants
• Malls
• Theme Parks/Fairs
• Rest Stops
• Airports/Airplanes


Contact me at info@t-pee.com to request more information about my feminine product and personal hygiene product.